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Gene Klassen


I am a professional counselor and sex addiction therapist. I am also in recovery. I know personally that compulsive sexual behavior can have unintended and emotionally painful consequences. I understand the pain and frustration that family members and friends experience when one of their loved ones is struggling with addiction. Helping addicts, their partners, and their families heal from the effects of this disease is my passion.
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Jenny Adams

LPC-Intern, CSAT

I am dedicated to the support and recovery of individuals and partners suffering from their own addictions, betrayal, traumas, or codependency. I completed my master’s degree in counseling and development at Texas Woman's University. To further my training in this area of treatment, I began my training as Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) in January of 2014 to better serve sex addicts, their partners, and couples who are in their healing process. I recently enhanced my experience while working at Nexus Recovery Center, a nationally known facility that provides specialized substance abuse services to females who are invited to bring their children with them. I have also trained with Pia Melody on the topics of trauma, codependence, and love addiction.
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Jon Juhlin

LPC-Intern , CSAT (C)

I believe that it is important to understand that the challenges of recovering from addiction affect not only the addict, but entire family system as well. I believe that families heal together. The focus of my practice is to work with recovering addicts and their family members in both individual and group settings. As individuals and families begin to heal, underlying issues such as trauma, grief, loss, depression, and codependency often present themselves in a more pronounced way. It is those issues that I feel can be best addressed in a therapeutic setting.

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Carol “Lynn” Woodard


I take a hollistic approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit by utilizing a combination of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization & reprocessing (EMDR) and body oriented therapies like trauma sensitive yoga therapy.
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Jackie Ponder


I am a therapist and life coach who specializes in relationships, codependency, love addiction, trauma, mental health, depression, anxiety, addiction, self-compassion and the enneagram. Do you ever feel like you don't know who you are? Where you want to go? Or what makes you happy?
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Culle L. Vande Garde


I specialize in treating Childhood Trauma, Complex PTSD, Partners of Sex Addicts, Betrayal, Infidelity, Depression, Anxiety, Codependence, Grief, Attachment/Intimacy Disorders, Somatic Disorders, Substance & Process Addictions, Adult Children of Sex Addicts, and Sexual/Intimacy Anorexia.
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