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We Have a Right to Grieve Losses Big and Small

Jenny Adams Share

Grief is something that impacts us all in some way. What people typically think of is the loss of a loved one.  Learning news of a terminal illness, the loss of a home from violent tornado, or a recent divorce are all acceptable events to grieve about.  We can understand how any of these things can bring a person to their knees and we expect people to grieve over these losses.

What we struggle to understand is the grief we feel over the smaller losses.  The falling out with a good friend, the loss of a family pet, and a child leaving home for college are all examples of things we do not typically think deserve our grief.
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Treating Trauma with Yoga

Lynn Woodard, LPCi, LCDC, Trauma Informed Therapist Share


Trauma is defined as extreme stress that overwhelms a person’s ability to cope.  The traumatic event causing the stress can come  in many forms including combat, natural disaster, sexual assault, or car accident.  The type of trauma I see most frequently in my practice is referred to as complex trauma.  Complex trauma is typically interpersonal and cumulative in nature, and is often the result of ongoing physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological abuse, betrayal of trust, neglect, and exposure to domestic violence.  It is important to note that trauma is not defined in terms of the event itself, but rather an individual’s subjective experience of the event.

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“Inside Out” – The Movie (A Psychological Review)

Gene Klassen LPC CSAT Share


“Inside Out” – The Movie

“Inside Out” does a wonderful job of telling a story about the psychology of emotions.  I laughed and cried with the ups and downs of Riley’s life as her joy center tried to keep her fear, sadness, anger, and disgust centers in check.  Pixar does a brilliant job of illustrating how emotions like fear, anger and joy are embodied in command centers of the brain.  As a trauma therapist, I was also impressed by depictions of distressing memories and their impacts on personality and thought.
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Addiction Recovery and Relationship Healing – Keep Going!!! It Gets Better, I Promise!

Gene Klassen, LPC CSAT Share

Addiction Recovery and Relationship Healing - Keep Going!!! It Gets Better, I Promise!


How long will it take? I am going to therapy and 12-step meetings every week, so why am I still struggling? When will my wife stop being so angry? When will my husband start taking recovery more seriously? I don’t have time for this; is it really worth it? Am I doing enough for my recovery? You want me to spend how much time a day!?

These questions are impossible to answer, yet I get them all the time. When I started my recovery, I had the same questions. I get it! I would have a week of emotional peace, and then something would happen or a memory would get triggered. Yet again, I would feel like crap and wonder what I was doing wrong. Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of recovery is the uncertainty of the recovery process by the newcomer and the inability to adequately explain it by the old-timer. At meetings I heard too many times to count, “Keep coming back.” That’s what I did, and I got better. No doubt I experienced moments when I thought my life and my relationship were getting worse. Looking back, I believe it felt worse because I was changing, and we all know how most of us resist change.
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Fight Song – By Rachel Platten – Inspirational!

Jenny Adams, LPC intern, CSAT (C) Share

(From Jenny Adams)

I heard this song the other day and thought it would be a a good blog post. …

I listened to the words of Rachel Platten’s "Fight Song" - You Tube and was filled with passion and power.  This source of power is something that can be such a motivator when you are struggling with a life circumstance that may not be desirable.  Or trying to make sense of something that has been a struggle for many years. With just a little push and inner strength you can make big waves and change your life.

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