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If you are looking for more freedom, peace, and healing in your life and to shed limiting negative behaviors, you have come to the
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For over a decade, Bluffview Counseling has offered safe, confidential, counseling and treatment services to individuals, couples, and families in the Dallas, Fort Worth area and beyond. We are different from other programs in that that we believe in a team approach to healing. 

More minds are stronger that one! We are very passionate about healing and believe that combining our enthusiasm, education, knowledge, and experience allows us to provide you and your family with optimal growth and healing! Plus we have FUN working together! 

We know that addressing difficult issues in life is tough and we want to help you! We specialize in treatment for individuals who struggle with relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, trauma, all addictions, chemical dependency, love addiction, codependency, and affair recovery. We offer individual therapycouples therapygroup therapy, public speaking, individualized intensives, and workshops.

Our Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) specialize in treatment of all problematic sexual behaviors including Sex Addiction or compulsion, pornography addiction, the partners who have been affected, and the couples that want to repair their relationship, families, and lives.
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The goal of Bluffview Counseling’s program is to help you heal and create more of what you want in your life: healthy relationships, meaningful time with family and friends, increased productivity at work, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and peace of mind. We can help you and your family heal!

For over a decade Bluffview Counseling has offered
Hope, Recovery, and Healing!

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a destructive and complex problem. It ruins relationships, results in job loss, causes arrests, destroys self-esteem and damages physical health. Sex addiction is not primarily a moral problem; it is a problem of out-of-control feelings and behaviors that the person believes he or she is unable to stop. However, where there is a desire to recover, there is hope. If you are struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors, we can help you.

Partners of Infidelity

When a partner discovers betrayal and dishonesty, they find themselves in a state of crisis and a powerfully traumatic situation. Typically, partners experience overwhelming feelings of fear, anger, and isolation. Often, partners feel alone in coping and may not be able to talk about it, fearing reaction and judgment from others. Bluffview Counseling’s therapists are experts in the steps for healing and provide a safe, nurturing, and caring environment needed for healing.

Love Addiction

Love addiction is a pattern of seeking and maintaining relationships despite negative social, financial, physical or psychological consequences.
Love addicts tend to chase the feelings of “falling in love.” Love-addicted relationships are often all-consuming, making it difficult for a love addict to concentrate on the other areas of life. We can help you heal and move from love that hurts to love that’s real. Don’t suffer this alone; seek help and healing today.


Do you find yourself in relationships with emotionally unavailable people? Do you find yourself tired of taking care of other’s wants? Codependents have good intentions and view their thoughts and behaviors as helpful. However, they become depressed and frustrated when their efforts go unnoticed or are under-appreciated. Therapists at Bluffview Counseling can help gain tools to set and maintain healthy boundaries for your health and well-being.

Trauma Therapy & EMDR

If you’re a trauma survivor, you are likely familiar with these feelings and are anxious to release yourself from these painful memories – once and for all. These memories and flashbacks can feel incredibly isolating, further burrowing in feelings of low self-esteem, worry, anxiety or worthlessness.

Workshops & Events

Bluffview Counseling offers an extensive workshop selection for total individual, couple, and family healing. We offer workshops for sex addiction, for partners of sex addicts, couples workshops, DBT, Brene Brown's Daring Way and more. Please take a moment to view our schedule of upcoming workshops.

Individual Therapy

When you engage our services, you can expect to be treated with respect, understanding, and compassion. We provide a safe, warm, and comfortable setting and encourage you towards your goals of recovery and healing. Therapy is individually tailored by our highly trained staff to provide you with the tools you need for growth.

Couples Therapy

The therapists at Bluffview Counseling are skilled and highly trained to help you and your partner navigate the road to healthy couples recovery. We provide an individualized treatment approach to help your relationship heal. Our approach emphasizes compassion, honesty, and vulnerability as a foundation for safety to build healthy intimacy.

Group Therapy

We offer multiple therapy groups, including groups for sex addiction, partners of sex addicts, and couples. Group therapy has been proven as one of the most effective tools for healing. We encourage our clients to utilize group therapy to supplement individual therapy.

Our counselors are trained to the highest standards

Bluffview Counseling Services is staffed by a team of highly trained and recognized mental health professionals. Our team concept delivers a powerful balance of compassion, support, and challenge that is action oriented and results focused. We collaborate with you to develop a personalized treatment plan, and we continuously monitor your progress. Our commitment to confidential individualized treatment, the diversity of our professional skills, and our empathic and nurturing approach to your health and healing allows Bluffview Counseling to provide you with the tools you need for recovery.

Our specialized training includes, but is not limited to, Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT), Partners of Sex Addicts, and EMDR for trauma resolution. We are committed to providing the most up to date proven treatment techniques to facilitate optimal healing and growth for you and your family.
Dallas Therapist Gene Klassen, LPC, CSAT | Bluffview Counseling Services

Gene Klassen
Primary Therapist

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Dallas Therapist Jenny Adams, LPC-Intern, CSAT | Bluffview Counseling Services

Jenny Adams
LPC-Intern, CSAT
Primary Therapist

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Dallas Therapist Jon Juhlin, LPC-Intern, CSAT (C) | Bluffview Counseling Services

Jon Juhlin
LPC-Intern, CSAT (C)
Primary Therapist

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Dallas Therapist Jackie Ponder, LCSW, LCDC | Bluffview Counseling Services

Jackie Ponder
Primary Therapist

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Dallas Therapist Culle L. Vande Garde, LCSW, CSAT, CMAT, EMDR | Bluffview Counseling Services

Culle L. Vande Garde
Primary Therapist

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