Trauma Therapy & EMDR

Is Trauma Therapy right for me?

We offer you a gentle, healing space for your healing from trauma.  Imagine “seeing” an event over and over in your mind, like you're watching a video. Now imagine not only seeing that event, but experiencing every moment in painful, agonizing detail as if it were happening at just that moment. This is trauma.

If you’re a trauma survivor, you are likely familiar with these feelings and are anxious to release yourself from these painful memories – once and for all. These memories and flashbacks can feel incredibly isolating, further burrowing in feelings of low self-esteem, worry, anxiety or worthlessness. Trauma survivors often refer to themselves as “damaged” and question (doubt) whether there is any way back to feeling whole, either to a time prior to the trauma or, in the case of childhood trauma, perhaps for the first time. Let us assure you that there is a way.

And if you are a partner or spouse of a trauma survivor, you’re likely familiar with the fall-out from the effects of trauma and the toll it can take on a relationship. But with experiencing a loved one’s truth, comes compassion. Know that there is a way back to a loving relationship if trauma has robbed you both of what could be.

Is my addiction related to the trauma I experienced?

Trauma often leads to other addictive behaviors in an effort to numb the pain and blur the memories, which makes healing the original trauma all the more critical. Substance or alcohol abuse and other addictions such as sex or porn addiction serve to further isolate, but you needn’t feel alone in your pain any longer.

The consequences of your unresolved trauma could be costing you in untold number of ways, however, healing can be resolved and happiness can be achieved. Most of those who experience trauma, whether during childhood or as an adult, whether physical, emotional or verbal – do recover with supportive, compassionate help.

Your healing needn’t stop with you however. The work we do together in your healing, although at times challenging, will extend far past our time with one another and affect your intimate relationships as you discover how to provide much needed compassion to yourself for what you have gone through.

You don’t need to suffer any longer. We have created a gentle, healing space for you to recognize and resolve the effects that your trauma has had on your sense of self, your relationship with others, both intimate and social, your behaviors and even decisions that you may have made in your life, based on this experience.

Do you specialize in trauma?

We are compassionate professionals with advanced training and expertise in the treatment trauma including EMDR and especially how it is interwoven with addictive behaviors. In addition, we incorporate Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy. Both methods work on connecting the mind and body and are excellent additions to talk therapy. Over 10 years we have helped countless others heal from trauma and would be honored to accompany you and your loved one, either individually or as a couple, on your path to wellness and healing.

What's my next step?

It can be difficult to take the next step, and to seek action, but that might be the most important step of your life. You can schedule an appointment online, or call or email us with any questions you may have at (214) 390-5800 or email us at 

If we are unable to answer, you can leave a secure and confidential voice mail and someone from our office will follow up with you as soon as possible.
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